news affiche

Affiches about articles in the newspaper in the Swiss Design style:

In an article in the newspaper they were discussing about the French law:
they said that sex is obligatory in the marriage.

The newsarticle was about Klaas Carel Faber, one of the most famous War criminals.
He murdered 22 persons. This was 60 years a go and now they found out and get hem into jail.

The article was about ¼ of all teenagers, which have now and then psychotic experiences.
The design displays the unstable position of these teenagers.



Affiches about news articles in the style of the famous Dutch designer Wim Crouwel.


In this article: ‘Pigs get horny by listening to music from Jan Smit’
In Dutch means the word ‘horny’ ‘geil’. This is the reason for the big G.

The article was about the separation of a Siamese twin, which succeed.

The article was about a woman, who stalked a men when
he said to her he didn’t wanted a relationship with her.
The woman called him 7000 times, mailed him 100 times,
all in the period of 4 months.